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1. Since the SpyPhone is a spy gear which is based on the cellular network, it has a virtually unlimited scope of transmission. This means that you can phone tap calls, receive a copy of all SMS or track the SpyPhone… anytime and anywhere.

2. SpyTech-software is embedded in the phone's core memory and is completely hidden and irremovable. It is impossible for anyone to "accidentally" find out what the spy phone really does.

3. The spy-phone is a spy gear that will operate usual regardless to any changes made by the phone-holder. (SIM card / phone- number replacement, phone de-activation, Object movements or cellular zone changes etc.)

4. Unique "Play Dead" mode allows the master to remotely de-activate the phone without interrupting any ongoing spy- features.

5. All actions made through the spy-phone are logged on the Master-Phone and can be saved for future use.

6. "Bogus SMS" may help the master set "traps" and reveal the Objects darkest secrets.

Operating System based Spy-ware:

Operating System based Spy-wares, are external spy-programs which can be installed on any 3 rd generation cellular phones and turn them into spy devices.
Operating system softwares have many problems. They can be infected with a virus, some of their functions can be accidentally erased, and sometimes, they need to be formatted completely and reinstalled. In these cases, any software that was installed on the device, will be erased as-well.
Operation systems tend to get unstable or over-loaded. When the operating system becomes unstable, the device loses the ability to execute system functions and is no longer a spy gear.

SpyTech software is NOT installed in the operating system, it is based in the core memory (hardware) of the device, that means that it can't be detected or removed and even if the cellphone's operating system is completely erased, all of the spy-features will remain in tact!

5 Spy Phone facts:

1. Once you have given the spy phone to the "object", your spy equipment is ready to use - all you need to do is send an SMS with an activation code from your Master phone to the spy-phone (all activation codes are specified in the Manual, supplied upon purchase). The SMS contains a specified code which activate one of the spy-phone's secret surveillance techniques.
Example: you can send a code which turns on the spyphone's microphone, immediatly activating SpyPhone's Listening Mode , and allowing you to listen to everything thats going on NEAR the SpyPhone.

2. Unlike other spy devices, which require physical placing and setting changes, the spy-phone belongs to a new generation of spy equipment - it allows you to reconfigure it, AFTER you have given it to the person you wish to follow (You don't even need to be anywhere near it in order to do so). All you have to do is send one SMS message, containing the Special Access Number and a 4 digit code. Each code "turns on" a spy-phone special Surveillance feature. Turning the special Surveillance feature off, is done by SMS too. (A full manual, which includes technical explanations and detailed activation codes will be provided upon purchase).

3. Any phone which is capable of sending an instant text message (SMS) can serve as a Master Phone.

4. The SpyPhone will remain functional regardless to any SIM, phone-number or location changes. (even if the SIM is replaced, all spy-functions will continue to operate as-usual!).

5. When you receive an SMS about a call in progress, you can decide to phone tap the call, or take part as an active speaker. If you decided only to listen, neither of the speaking parties will know you are tapping their conversation.

Spy gadgets which can perform GPS tracking come in many forms. Ordinary spy gadgets give a limited scope of capabilities, and are usually stationary (no GPS tracking). Spy devices can be easily traced and removed from the scene. Installing spy devices in a scene takes strategic planning and is risky. SpyTech phone doesn’t need to be installed, has an endless range of transmission, and most important, it is completely mobile spy gear, and thus, can perform GPS tracking. R.A.T's GPS tracking abilities make it the ideal spy equipment for surveillance purposes.
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SpyTech - Advanced Spy Equipment

Welcome to the SpyTech cellular professional spying equipment online store. Our professional (used by detectives, police forces) advanced spy phones, allow you to listen to the object's phone calls, intercept text messages, record & bug conversations, open the phone as a microphone to hear what is happening around the object (without any visible sign) or even track & locate the SpyPhone user (via GPS).
Our phones, feature the latest achievements in irremovable spy gear technology, hence it is incorporated directly into the device's HardWare and is completely undetectable .
If you are a warried husband / wife / father / boss looking for reliable professional spying equipment, which is very simple to use (but if the manual is not clear enough we are here to help...) that works with any SIM card in the world and from everywhere in the world, we might just have what you need...

What is it?

The SpyPhone is a perfect "gift" for someone you care for (or worry about...), and a spy gear that will ultimately help you regain control.

The SpyPhone is modified for remotely controlled and completely undetectable, spy gear features.
Although it is very simple to use, the SpyTech Spy Phone is one of the most advanced and sophisticated spy gadgets on the market today. An ordinary, 3 rd generation cell phone which can be used with any SIM card all over the world, for local and international calls and through any phone company .

Note: A full manual, which includes technical explanations and detailed activation codes will be provided upon purchase.

Basic Terms

Before explaining the spy phone features, here are 3 basic terms, which will help you understand exactly what the SpyPhone can do:
  1. Spy Phone – the Target cellular phone.
  2. Master Device – Remotely and secretly controls all of the SpyPhone's functions. can be any moblie phone or any other device which enables SMS.
  3. Object – the person in question.

The SpyPhone operates as any other mobile phone BUT it is fully controlled by you and obeys your SMS commands:
  • Phone tap/listen to all SpyPhone calls.
  • Listen to conversations in the room, even if the SpyPhone is turned off.
  • Intercept and modify all ingoing and outgoing SMS messages.
  • Receive live information and alerts about SpyPhone's activity and location.
  • Secretly control all SpyPhone features and functions, using any phone, cellular, PC or PDA.
  • "Play dead": If needed you can even shut the SpyPhone down and continue to fully control all of the surveillance functions.
    ...And that's just the tip of the iceberg!
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How does it work?

Suppose you are a worried parent/ employer/ partner. Your Object seems to disappear for hours, or act suspiciously while giving you lame excuses and answers.
Wouldn't it be great if you could be a "fly on the wall"... hear everything, phone tap suspicious phone calls or read secret SMS messages... ?
That's exactly what our spy gadgets enable you to do:
What could be nicer than to give the SpyPhone to your Object as an unsuspected gift, and if needed, jump into action by sending a single SMS code from any device in hand.
Found out everything is o.k...?
Send an SMS to the SpyPhone, and all spy functions will stop immediately.
(All Activation Text-Codes will be completely undetected and confidential).

Note: The SpyPhone will remain functional regardless to any SIM, phone-number or location changes. (even if the SIM is replaced, all spy-functions will continue to operate as-usual!).

Both cell phone models offered on this site, which comprise the best and latest in cell phone technology, include all SpyPhone unique features and surveillance techniques and can serve as professional spy equipment.

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Control anytime, anywhere...

All special spy equipment functions in the SpyPhone are controlled by simple 4 digit codes which are activated by SMS messages. A short activation process will allow you to turn any SMS- capable phone, cell phone, PC or PDA into a device, which can fully control the SpyPhone.

Personal access

The Special Access Number (SAN) contains a password number and your phone number – this phone is the default Master Phone. It will receive all information obtained from the SpyPhone. It is the only device which can control the SpyPhone's special features and surveillance techniques.

Learn More about SpyPhone advanced surveillance techniques
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  • Basic terms

  • How is it done?

  • How do you remotely enter the spy phone menu?

  • Listening mode

  • Interception Mode

  • SMS Interception Mode

  • Sending or receiving an SMS on behalf of the spy phone

  • GPS tracking - Getting location information

  • Notifications about phone activity

  • "Play Dead", R.A.T

  • Programming the phone from the secret menu or remotely

  • Hardware

  • Legal Notice: Power Positioning (2P) Ltd. will not be held accountable for any illegal actions using the products and/or the technology advertised in this site, the products may not be used to violate the privacy rights of others, or to access or intercept electronic communications in violation of wiretap statutes if it is illegal according to local laws and regulations.
    Phone tapping and eavesdropping is illegal in certain countries. In no way we will be held responsible for inappropriate use of these products.

    It is the responsibility of the purchaser or user to ensure that the products and\or technologies are only operated in accordance with the law of the jurisdiction where the equipment is utilized. It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to consult legal counsel for the Interpretation of any laws applicable to the area of intended use of these products/technologies.

    Siemens Spy CF75

    The Spy CF75 is a 3 rd generation mobile phone, which was modified to enable phone tap and other surveillance techniques. The phone's exterior gives no clue to its real purpose. The phone is luxuriously designed as a clamshell in colors of warm blue and silver.

    Price: $4998

    Siemens Spy S65

    The Spy S65 is a 3 rd generation Siemens mobile phone, which was modified for purposes of surveillance. Despite its true intent, the phone looks completely "ordinary" to anyone who doesn't know about its spying abilities. The phone comes in dark colors of black and silver.

    Price: $4998
    The SpyPhone is a perfect gift for someone you care for (or worry about...) and a spy gear that will ultimately help you regain control and put your mind at ease.

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