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Spy-phone is the name used for cellular and mobile phones that have been converted for the purpose of eavesdropping on room conversations without the spy cell phone owner’s knowledge. These spy devices can be programmed so that when a pre-defined telephone number dials the spy cell phone, it automatically answers without ringing and activates the spy cell phone’s internal speakerphone. The Spy cell Phone's display appears as if in the normal standby mode. Spy devices of this kind are with no doubt the most advanced spy equipment available.

Surveillance Equipment Features

  • Listening to conversations in the vicinity of the spy phone
  • Interception of conversations made and received by the spy phone
  • Interception of SMS sent and received by the spy phone
  • Sending an SMS on behalf of the spy phone from another number and getting information services instead of spy phone
  • Blocking an incoming SMS
  • GPS tracking on the spy phone's location
  • Notification about calls made and received by the Spy phone including phone number and call's direction
  • Notification about switching the spy phone on
  • Notification about SIM card replacement in the spy phone including new phone number and IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity)
  • GPS tracking alerts about entering specific geographical area
  • Imitation of "dead" phone
  • Programming the phone either from secret menu or remotely

  • R.A.T phone is absolutely the best way of staying in full control 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. R.A.T phone features many surveillance techniques that allow you to monitor your kids, spouse, partner or employee, or even use it as your personal bug device by leaving it in a room without being present inside. R.A.T phone is considered to be one of the most innovative surveillance equipment available today, featuring hidden spy software which enables to perform many surveillance techniques such as phone tapping, follow and control incoming and outgoing text messages and phone calls, GPS tracking and much more.
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    About R.A.T

    SpyPhone is the newest 3 rd generation mobile phone, equipped with a highly sophisticated spy software, which is based on R.A.T technology. This spy technology enables you to remote-control all of the SpyPhone's functions from any phone in your possession. This page explains what R.A.T technology is, and how it is implemented in the SpyPhone.

    R.A.T is short for Remote Administration Tool. As the name indicates, a R.A.T device enables the user to control it, even when the user doesn't have a physical access to that device. R.A.T devices come in many forms and serve many functions. When a R.A.T device is connected to a computer for instance, it enables the user to control the computer from a distance, to erase or create files, to download or upload information to or from the computer, and so on. Many regular modems are capable of functioning as a R.A.T device.

    Trojan horses are an example, to how R.A.T technology can be harnessed in order to enable unauthorized control over a distant computer. The Trojan horse installs itself on the remote computer, and henceforth, it enables the user to control this computer, silently. This function, however, is illegal.

    The R.A.T technology is exactly what enables the R.A.T spy-phone to perform functions of advanced surveillance equipment. The R.A.T spy-phone enables another phone to turn it on, off or control its special and regular functions from a distance. In fact, the other phone serves as a remote control which fully controls the R.A.T spy-phone, can turn it into spy equipment, and can activate and deactivate all of the special surveillance techniques.

    How is R.A.T technology implemented in the R.A.T spyphone?
    The R.A.T spy phone is a regular mobile phone, equipped with a special spy software which enables it to single-handedly do the job of highly sophisticated Surveillance equipment.
    You can control the R.A.T spyphone from a distance, with any other phone. All you need to do, is give it to the person you wish to follow. When you decide to, you can send a simple SMS which contains a code. When this SMS is received by the R.A.T spyphone, it causes the spyphone to perform a certain spying function - each code "tells" the spyphone to perform a different function. You can send this SMS from any phone, or any device, which is capable of sending SMS messages. In fact, your phone functions like a remote-control, which controls every function on the R.A.T phone from a distance. Moreover, you can choose to use a different phone to control the R.A.T spy-phone.

    Read the following page to learn how this is achieved.

    How GPS tracking is enabled?
    Regular spy equipment transmits a signal to a receiver. The stronger the signal is, the closer you know the spy equipment is located. This means however, that you have to stay close to the spy equipment, in order to receive the signal. The SpyPhone doesn't require you to remain close to it. Unlike ordinary spy equipment, it doesn't transmit the signal to a receiver independently :

    When a mobile phone is connected to a certain network, it registers on the cellular phone company's computer. Since cellular phone companies are world wide spread, they need to enable a mobile phone to remain connected even when it is on the move, in order for the call not to end, when the cellular phone gets out of range.

    For this purpose, cellular phone companies create interwoven grids of antennas (each antenna range is called a Cell). Each juxtaposing antenna has broadcasting and intercepting range, which overlaps with a portion of the broadcasting and intercepting range of the antenna next to it. The phone company's computer, which maps these antennas, always "knows" where a certain cellular phone is, according to the antenna it is connected to. More over, the computer can tell if the phone bearer is on the move, if the phone moves from one antenna-range into the next. You could basically say that the cell-phone company's computer, performs GPS tracking on the mobile phone.

    In order for the SpyPhone on-the-move to remain connected, it needs to "request" to be connected to the new antenna, when it reaches the fringes of the current antenna's range. Every time the phone is reconnected, it receives information about the new antenna, and about its location (your phone's screen will show the word "roam", to indicate your phone is switching an antenna). When the SpyPhone receives this information, it transmits it to your phone, thus enabling you to know exactly where it is located, so you can perform GPS tracking, no matter where the SpyPhone user is going. This method frees you from the need to remain close to your spy equipment.

    The SpyPhone is a perfect gift for someone you care for (or worry about...) and the surveillance equipment that will ultimately help you regain control and put your mind at ease.

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