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How Text Messaging Works

Messages are sent through the spy software to a paging terminal. When these messages are received in the paging terminal, they are forwarded to your Master Phone. The paging terminal "knows" where to forward these messages, because the spy software installed on the spy phone "tells" the paging terminal where to send them to.

You can choose to replace your Master Phone with another - for instance, use your office phone during working hours and your car phone after working hours. The spy software will update the paging terminal that you have changed your Master Phone, so that the messages will be forwarded to the new number.

The spy phone is the ideal spy equipment. You can give it to your partner or other significant as part of a new cell-plan, and he or she wouldn’t suspect a thing. It goes everywhere with the person, so it is a spy equipment which contains spy software that the person does not even know he or she carries.
If doubts ever crept your mind, about your spouse, your workers or your kids, R.A.T spy phone is just what you need - despite the fact that it looks like an ordinary 3D cellular phone, the R.A.T spy phone can perform functions of advanced spy gadgets, such as GPS tracking, phone tapping, interception of incoming and outgoing SMS messages and more.
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Silver bullets Ltd. is a company that specializes in the development and supply of products which monitor, intercept, and control cellular and other RF communications.

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Our solutions are now at our customer’s disposal to assure the excellence of their law enforcement activities. Moreover, our experience in the development of new solutions assures that our client’s requirements are achieved with the highest possible standards.

The Spy Phone is a perfect gift for someone you care for (or worry about...) and the spy equipment that will ultimately help you regain control and put your mind at ease.

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