Siemens CF75

Siemens S65


Surveillance Equipment Features

  • Listening to conversations in the vicinity of the spy phone
  • Interception of conversations made and received by the spy phone
  • Interception of SMS sent and received by the spy phone
  • Sending an SMS on behalf of the spy phone from another number and getting information services instead of spy phone
  • Blocking an incoming SMS
  • GPS tracking on the spy phone's location
  • Notification about calls made and received by the Spy phone including phone number and call's direction
  • Notification about switching the spy phone on
  • Notification about SIM card replacement in the spy phone including new phone number and IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity)
  • GPS tracking alerts about entering specific geographical area
  • Imitation of "dead" phone
  • Programming the phone either from secret menu or remotely

  • Spy-phone is the name used for cellular and mobile phones that have been converted into a surveillance equipment without the spy cell phone owner’s knowledge. These spy devices can be programmed so that when a pre-defined telephone number dials the spy cell phone, it automatically answers without ringing and activates the spy cell phone’s internal speakerphone. The Spy cell Phone's display appears as if in the normal standby mode. Spy phones of this kind are with no doubt the most advanced spy equipment available.

    Spy gadgets which can perform GPS tracking come in many forms and are available in spy shops. Ordinary spy gadgets give a limited scope of capabilities, and are usually stationary (no GPS tracking). Surveillance equipment can be easily traced and removed from the scene. Installing spy gadgets in a scene takes strategic planning and is risky. R.A.T phone doesn’t need to be installed, has an endless range of transmission, and most important, it is completely mobile, and thus, can perform GPS tracking. R.A.T's GPS tracking abilities make it the ideal spy equipment for surveillance purposes.
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    The web and various spy shops are flooded with spy-phone models and stand-alone Software , so before you start shopping for a spy-phone you should first consider what your needs really are... Do you need a spy toy to play with, or real spy equipment?
    Can you settle for a simple Nokia spy-phone with semi-pro features and detectable spy ware? or do you need the real deal?
    The following page will help you make the right decision and will also hopefully explain why we believe our product is by far, the best spy-cell phone available in spy shops and the internet today.

    Compare SpyTech SpyPhone with other spy cell phones

    Feature Other devices SpyTech SpyPhone
    Software external internal
    Sotware Detection easily detectable completely hidden
    Software Removal can be erased can never be removed
    "Play Dead" Mode none available
    Remote Control limited full cell phone and spy feature remote control
    GPS Tracking unavailable complete GPS Tracking
    SMS Interception limited or no interception complete SMS interception
    SMS Modification none full modification
    Master Device pre designated any Phone PC or PDA
    Activity Notification none full activity notification
    Software Location Symbian OS internal RAM
    SIM Card original SIM card only any SIM card
    International Service partial complete
    SMS/ Call Blocking unavailable available

    How is it achieved?

    90% of 3 rd generation mobile phones are operated by Symbian Operating System (OS). Though it is quite a good and reliable OS, it sometimes fails and needs to be reinstalled, restarted, rebooted or updated. Every such procedure may cause a partial or complete deletion of all of the information stored on the phone. Every such procedure can bring to the lose of the entire software and personal configuration installed on that phone (including spy ware).

    R.A.T's spy ware is not a part of the Symbian OS, doesn't depend on its operation, and isn't affected by the OS deletion. The spy ware is an integral part of the phone's chip, and it cannot be deleted or tempered with by anyone, after the phone has left the factory. This makes R.A.T phone more stable, secretive and most important, reliant surveillance equipment than other Symbian OS dependant spy phones.

    An ordinary OS definition, can be accessed, viewed, reprogrammed or deleted by a technician. A direct derivative of the R.A.T spy ware being a part of the chip and not of the OS, is that unless you KNOW it's there, you can't TELL it's there. This fact guarantees that even if the R.A.T user takes his or her phone to the shop for repair, the shop's technician will not find out that the phone is a spying phone.

    Siemens Spy CF75

    The Spy CF75 is a 3 rd generation mobile phone, which was modified to perform spying functions. The phone's exterior gives no clue to its real purpose. The phone is luxuriously designed as a clamshell in colors of warm blue and silver.

    Price: $4998

    Siemens Spy S65

    The Spy S65 is a 3 rd generation Siemens mobile phone, which was modified for purposes of surveillance. Despite its true intent, the phone looks completely "ordinary" to anyone who doesn't know it's really a spy equipment. The phone comes in dark colors of black and silver.

    Price: $4998
    The SpyPhone is an ideal spy equipment and a perfect gift for someone you care for (or worry about...) and will ultimately help you regain control and put your mind at ease.

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