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The latest spy phones are used just like any other standard cell phone. The user can make and receive calls, enter numbers into a phone book, and use all the functions that one would expect from a cell phone. The main difference is that you have an access to all of the spy phone's communication through your personal mobile phone, including text messages, GPS tracking and SIM card's replacement. Another key feature enables to listen to conversations that take place around the spy cellphone, even when it is not in use. This feature enables you to use the spy cellphone as your own phone instead of giving it to someone. It means that you can "unintentionally forget" your phone in a room which you want to eavesdrop to.


  • No range limit on spy cellphone
  • Can be used with any SIM card world wide
  • 24-hours surveillance
  • Built in super sensitive microphones enables to hear any sound in the vicinity of the spy cellphone
  • No R.A.T signs can be discovered what so ever
  • Listen to phone conversations without the two sides speaking even know
  • Remote control by text massage
  • Notification on every spyphone's calls
  • Notification on every spyphone's text messages
  • Notification on SIM card's replacement
  • GPS tracking informs on spyphone's location
  • Spy cellphone is the name used for cellular and mobile phones that have been converted into spy devices for the purpose of eavesdropping on room conversations without the spy cell phone owner’s knowledge. These spy devices can be programmed so that when a pre-defined telephone number dials the spy cellphone, it automatically answers without ringing and activates the spy cell phone’s internal speakerphone. The Spy cell Phone's display appears as if in the normal standby mode. Spy devices of this kind are with no doubt the most advanced spy equipment available.
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  • The spy cellphone is a perfect gift for someone you care for (or worry about...) and the spy equipment that will ultimately help you regain control and put your mind at ease.

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