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How Text Messaging Works

Messages are sent through the spy software to a paging terminal. When these messages are received in the paging terminal, they are forwarded to your Master Phone. The paging terminal "knows" where to forward these messages, because the spy software installed on the spyphone "tells" the paging terminal where to send them to.

You can choose to replace your Master Phone with another - for instance, use your office phone during working hours and your car phone after working hours. The spy software will update the paging terminal that you have changed your Master Phone, so that the messages will be forwarded to the new number.


  • Tracking abilities with no range limits.
  • Can be used with any SIM card.
  • Enables a 24-hours surveillance.
  • Its built in microphone enables to hear any sound in the surrounding ambience.
  • Meticulously designed to reveal nothing about the phone's true purposes.
  • Enables the user to perform phone tap without being notices by the conversing parties.
  • Enables to be remotely controlled.
  • User receives notification on every call made.
  • User receives notification on every text messages.
  • User receives notification on SIM card's replacement.
  • Enables the user to perform GPS tracking.

  • Professional spy gear may come in many sizes and forms, but most of them need to be physically placed on the subject. R.A.T spyphone is an advanced spy equipment that is bound to always be on the subject since it is first and foremost, a regular cellular phone. The spy cell phone is a professional spy gear which enables you to perform GPS tracking, phone tap calls, intercept incoming and outgoing calls, block SMS and more.
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    Help & Tips

    Based on our customers feedbacks and experiences when using the spy cell phone; we have revised a few tips and suggestions, that we hope may come in handy.

    How To Begin:

    Method A:

    1. Order one of our Spy phone models.
    2. Buy the same Cell-phone model (without the spy software and special features) and 2 compatible SIM cards; (Our models are popular Siemens models, available all over the world and carried by the majority of local cell-phone providers).
    3. Install the SIM cards (One in the SpyPhone and one in the Master phone).
    4. Place the spy-phone in the Siemens package you have just purchased from your local distributor (Since each country has its own manuals, accessories and package - when you actually give the spy-phone to your target - you should try to avoid any suspicion).
    5. TIP: Keep the master phone hidden at all time and use it only for operating the spy phone (this way you will not miss a thing and your secret will stay safe).
    6. Note: The Spyphone is a professional spy gear with completely stealth surveillance technology, which can not be detected in any circumstance (neither the phone company or any technician providing service for the device, will NEVER be able to reveal the Spy phone's surveillance features and spy software.(

    Method B:

    1. Order one of our Spy cell phone models.
    2. Buy a SIM card from your local cell-phone distributor.
    3. Install the SIM card on the Spy phone.
    4. Give the Spy cell phone to your target as a surprising gift.
    5. Use any SMS capable device, to operate the spy software and control all the spy features, at any place or time.
    TIP: For obvious reasons your main concern is keeping the Spy phone powered and making sure it never runs out - so you can stay in full control of the spy phone at all times.We warmly advise adding our special multi-purpose emergency charger kit (PowerPack) , or any other mobile charger which will insure fluent and complete surveillance.

    TIP: If the Spy Phone holder is out of the country, international billing rates may appear in the spy-phone's phone bill, therefore we recommend using a simple pre-paid SIM card which will not be traceable and will not lead back to any phone number familiar to the spy phone holder.

    TIP: Spy cell phone features allow you to locate the device and alert the master device. If you suspect a pattern of behavior, you can receive notification any time your target enters or exits different GPS zones.

    TIP: The spy cell phone allows you to send bogus text messages, which means you can send any SMS with false sender details, confusing your target or causing him to "slip" and get caught. You can also block certain messages from ever arriving.

    TIP: In some situations you might want the Spy phone battery to appear empty, "Play Dead" mode allows you to de-activate the spy cell phone from any location, and continue to use the spy features with no interruptions.

    TIP: Both spy cell-phones offered in this site are advanced spy equipment and include the same spy software and all of our advanced features. The main difference is in style and design.

    TIP: Every feature and action of the spy cell phone is logged in the master phone (all records are documented and can serve as proof)

    Siemens Spy CF75

    The Spy CF75 is a 3 rd generation mobile phone, which was modified to a professional spy gear. The phone's exterior gives no clue to its real purpose. The phone is luxuriously designed as a clamshell in colors of warm blue and silver.

    Price: $4998

    Siemens Spy S65

    The Spy S65 is a 3 rd generation Siemens mobile phone, which was modified to an advanced spy equipment. Despite its true intent, the phone looks completely "ordinary" to anyone who doesn't know about its spy software. The phone comes in dark colors of black and silver.

    Price: $4998
    This advanced spy equipment is also the perfect gift for someone you care for (or worry about...), Which will ultimately help you regain control and put your mind at ease.

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