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Siemens S65


The SpyTech spy phones are simply 3G Siemens cellular phone with special spy software installed on it. This R.A.T device looks and acts just like any other mobile phone and makes and receives calls as usual. However, once the R.A.T phone receives a call from the "special access number" of the master unit, it answers automatically without any ringing or lights coming. As the spy software is installed in a very elaborate manner inside the spy phone, neither the spy phone user nor a skilful technician that specializes in spy gadgets can discover it.

Any use of the spy-phone, whether it is an incoming or outgoing call will alert to the special access number, enables the master unit's user to cell phone tap conversations made in the spy-phone without being noticed. Incoming and outgoing text messages are also sent simultaneously to the master phone and enables to monitor any communication from this unique spy equipment. Further more, the spy software automatically deletes all logging folders of any duplicated text messages from the spy device, hence that it simply prevents from the R.A.T user to know about his messages being forwarded to a third party.

The spy phone software features a GPS tracking which enables the master phone a constant tracking on the spy-phone user. There is no limited range for either cell phone tap operations or GPS tracking, as the surveillance systems operate at anywhere in the globe. Nevertheless, the ingenious spy software of this unique spy equipment enables to know about SIM card replacement or any change of phone number.

When a spy call is in operation and another user calls the spy phone, the phone's spy ware disconnects the spy call automatically without any log creation and lets the other number ring normally.
If at the same time another caller calls the spy-phone, the spy phone software will disconnect the spy call, so the other caller can call the spy-phone, with no call waiting signal.

Spy phones are an ideal solution if you need total control. Whether it is for monitoring your children, your partner, your employees or your spouse, spy-phone is an innovative surveillance equipment, using the latest spy software that guarantees a discreet and safe way for getting essential information.

Our innovative spy phones use the latest spy ware in surveillance systems available in spy shops worldwide. The spy phones look just like all other mobile phones and no one can tell that they comprise spy phone software and are used as spy devices. This unique spy software enables all kind of surveillance techniques such as cell phone tap, listening to conversations in the near vicinity of the device, GPS tracking, sending text messages on behalf of the spy-phone's user, change pre-defined number on text message command and also get notifications about all incoming and outgoing phone calls that were made through the spy-phone.
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SpyTech advanced spy ware is unlike all other surveillance systems available in spy shops today.
While most spy phones offer limited applications which are installed into any mobile phone and can just as easily be traced or erased by the "object", the SpyTech Spy software is embedded in the core memory of the device and can not be detected or changed.
SpyPhone's unique spy phone software enables a wide range of features and parameters which remain unchallenged by existing competing surveillance systems.

Siemens Spy CF75

The Spy CF75 is a 3 rd generation mobile phone, which was modified to perform cell phone tap and many other spying functions. The phone's exterior gives no clue to its real purpose. The phone is luxuriously designed as a clamshell in colors of warm blue and silver.

Price: $4998

Siemens Spy S65

The Spy S65 is a 3 rd generation Siemens mobile phone, which was modified for purposes of cell phone tap and surveillance activities. Despite its true intent, the phone looks completely "ordinary" to anyone who doesn't know about its hidden spy ware. The phone comes in dark colors of black and silver.

Price: $4998

How do you remotely enter the spy-phone menu?

Unlike other spy devices, which require you to physically change their setting, the spy-phone belongs to a new generation of surveillance systems- its spy phone software allows you to reconfigure it, after you have given it to the person you wish to follow. You don't even need to be close to the spy-phone in order to do it. All you have to do is send an SMS message, containing the SAN (which gives you access to the R.A.T phone spy ware menu) and a special code. Each code "turns on" a spy phone special Surveillance feature. Turning the special Surveillance feature off, is done by SMS too.

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Note: The Spy phone software will remain functional regardless to any SIM, phone-number or location changes. (even if the SIM is replaced, all spy-functions will continue to operate as-usual!).

The SpyTech SpyPhone is an innocent looking cell-phone that you give to your "object".
The SpyPhone operates as any other mobile phone BUT it has a hidden spy ware, which is fully controlled by you and obeys your SMS commands:
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  • Both cell phone models offered in this site comprise of the best and latest in cell phone technology and surveillance systems available in spy shops worldwide. Both models include Spyphone advanced spy software and unique features.

    SpyPhone Accessories:

    PowerPack Mobile Multi-Charger Kit

    The PowerPack mobile charger is a multi-purpose mobile kit which features a single AA battery charging unit with a variety of connectors which accommodate most popular mobile devices available in the market today. The PowerPack is an ideal on-the-go solution for most mobile devices. ($49.99)

  • The SpyPhone is a perfect gift for someone you care for (or worry about...) and will ultimately help you regain control and put your mind at ease.

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