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Call Breakthrough

Suppose you have activated the microphone feature on the spy phone, because you were interested in hearing what goes on in the room. If somebody calls the spy phone, the spy phone will perform the following actions:
1. The microphone feature automatically turns itself off.
2. Your phone receives a notice about an incoming call.
3. You can choose to listen to that call, or even take an active part in it as a speaker (somewhat like a conference call).
4. You can choose to ignore the call.

The Call Breakthrough function makes sure that all the spying abilities of this cellular spy equipment will remain completely unnoticed. When a call enters, It overrides every spying feature, that otherwise, would have aroused the spyphone user's suspicion.

A spy cell phone is one of the best ways to stay in total control, whether it is for the purpose of monitoring your children, your partner, your employees or your spouse.

Spy phones are part of innovative spy products that guarantee a discreet and safe way for getting essential information.

Spy phone is a leave-and-forget solution – once you leave it in the possession of your Object, you can forget about it, until you need it. Simply send an SMS from any phone, and the spy phone will "jump" right into action.

Spy phone batteries do not need to be replaced. It's a mobile phone. Its user will recharge it for you.

You don't need to "bug" each room that your Object goes to. It's a mobile phone – your Object will take it along, wherever he or she goes!

Our innovative spy phones use the latest in surveillance system as they look just like any other mobile phone which no one can tell that they are used as spy equipment. This unique spy equipment is used for all kind of surveillance techniques such as phone tap, listening to conversations in the near vicinity of the phone, GPS tracking, sending text massages on behalf of the spy-phone's user, change pre-defined number on text massage command and also get notifications about all incoming and outgoing phone calls that were made through the spy phone.
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