Siemens CF75

Siemens S65



  • Can be used with any SIM card.
  • GPS Tracking.
  • SMS interception
  • Phone monitoring – Tapping incoming and outgoing phone calls.
  • Built in Microphone which picks-up sounds in the room.
  • Undetected software and digital surveillance activities.
  • Remotely controlled.
  • Automatic notification of all actions.
  • "Play Dead" mode.
  • "Bogus SMS"
  • Full activity logging


    1. Since the Spy Phone is based on the cellular network, it has a virtually unlimited scope of transmitssion. This means that you can monitor calls, receive a copy of all SMS or track the Spy cellphone… anytime and anywhere.

    2. SpyTech-software is embedded in the phone's core memory and is completely hidden and irremovable. It is impossible for anyone to "accidentally" find out what the spy-phone really does.

    3. The spy-phone will operate as usual regardless to any changes made by the phone-holder. (SIM card / phone-number replacement, phone de-activation, Object movements or cellular zone changes etc.)

    4. Unique "Play Dead" mode allows the master to remotely de-activate the phone without interrupting any ongoing spy-features.

    5. All actions made through the cell phone spy device are logged on the Master-Phone and can be saved for future use.

    6. "Bogus SMS" may help the master set "traps" and reveal the Objects darkest secrets.

  • Operating System based Spy-ware:

    Operating System based cell phone Spy-wares, are external spy-programs which can be installed on any 3 rd generation cellular phone.
    Operating system soft wares have many problems. They can be infected with a virus, some of their functions can be accidentally erased, and sometimes, they need to be formatted completely and reinstalled. In these cases, any software that was installed on the device will be erased as-well.
    Operation systems tend to get unstable or over-loaded. When the operating system becomes unstable, the phones lose the ability to execute system functions and serve as spy tools.

    SpyTech software is NOT installed in the operating system, it is based in the core memory (hardware) of the device, that means that it can't be detected or removed and even if the cellphone's operating system is completely erased, all of the spy-features will remain in tact!

    Call Breakthrough

    If somebody calls the spyphone, the spyphone will perform the following actions:
    1. The microphone feature automatically turns itself off.
    2. Your phone receives a notice about an incoming call.
    3. You can choose to listen to that call, or even take an active part in it as a speaker (somewhat like a conference call).
    4. You can choose to ignore the call.

    The Call Breakthrough function makes sure that all the spying abilities of the spy cellphone, will remain completely unnoticed. When a call enters, It overrides every spying feature, that otherwise, would have aroused the spyphone user's suspicion.

    SpyTech advanced surveillance technology is unlike any other spy device on the market today.
    While most cellular spy tools offer limited applications which are installed into any mobile phone and can just as easily be traced or erased by the "object", the SpyTech SpyPhone's software is embedded in the core memory of the device and can not be detected or changed.
    SpyPhone's unique structure enables a wide range of features and parameters which remain unchallenged by existing competing spy stuff.

    R.A.T Spy cellphone is one of the most effective spy tools available today. Whether it is for monitoring your children, your partner, your employees or your spouse, spy phone guarantees a discreet and safe way for gathering essential information.

    R.A.T spy phones are advanced spy tools containing sophisticated digital surveillance technology, which enables many unique features such as phone monitoring, GPS tracking, interception of incoming and outgoing phone calls and interception of incoming and outgoing text messages. Its unique surveillance system and its phone monitoring features make The RAT phone to be one of the most innovative spy stuff available today. This cell phone spy software is assimilated so well that it can never be discovered. SpyTech cell phone spy gear is one of the best spy tools available, keeping you in full control. If you are into spy stuff, you'll be amazed to see what this one can do.
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    How It Works

    This page specifies in details, how the spyphone works, and how it enables you to easily listen to phone calls, read instant text messages, block SMS from being received, locate the spyphone holder at all times, listen to what goes on in a room where the spyphone is located, and much more.
    Using spy tools has never been this easy...

    Before we begin, let's get acquainted with the basic terms:
    1. Object – is the "target", "holder" (or simply the person you give the spyphone to).

    2. SpyPhone – is the cell phone spy gear, which you can buy on this site, give to the Object as a gift, and from there on, use in order to know what the Object is up to.

    3. Master Phone – any phone which can send instant text messages (SMS), can serve as a Master Phone. This phone is the "remote control" which can turn the special digital surveillance features in the spyphone on and off. The Master Phone is also the phone where all the information from the spyphone is sent to. For instance, if the spyphone's user is making a call, your Master Phone will ring, and you can decide to listen, talk, or just ignore it. Every SMS sent or received by the Spy-phone, will be automatically copied to your Master Phone.

    How is it done?

    The spy-phone has a Special Access Number (SAN). This number enables you to enter the spy-phone menu remotely, and control all of its functions. These functions include all of the digital surveillance features and all of the cellular functions of the phone (this fact means that you can also gain access to the phones logs and settings, giving you yet another advantage over your "objects").

    How do you remotely enter the Spy-Phone menu?

    Unlike other spy tools, which require physical placing and setting changes, the spy-phone belongs to a new generation of digital surveillance equipment - it allows you to reconfigure it, AFTER you have given it to the person you wish to follow (You don't even need to be anywhere near it in order to do so). All you have to do is send one SMS message, containing the Special Access Number and a 4 digit code. Each code "turns on" a special phone monitoring or spying feature. Turning all the phone's special features off, is done by SMS too. (A full manual, which includes technical explanations and detailed activation codes will be provided upon purchase).

    Note: Any phone which is capable of sending an instant text message (SMS) can serve as a Master Phone.
    Note: The SpyPhone will remain functional regardless to any SIM, phone-number or location changes. (even if the SIM is replaced, all spy-functions will continue to operate as-usual!).

    Interception Mode (listen to incoming and outgoing calls)

    Interception mode, enables phone monitoring, so you to tap the calls made or received by the spyphone.
    The SpyPhone sends an SMS to your phone (the Master Phone), every time it makes or receives a call. The SMS contains data about the spyphone's identity, direction of the call (incoming or outgoing), the spyphone's number and the spyphone's location (GPS tracking).

    The messages appear in the following format:
    ID: R.A.T CF75:12
    Outgoing: 0208167875
    LAI: 425-01 LAC: 3530 CI: 40621 TA: 04

    When you receive an SMS about a call in progress, you can decide to listen to the call, or take part as an active speaker. If you decided only to listen, neither of the speaking parties will know you are tapping their conversation.

    Example: The SpyPhone holder (object) receives or makes a phone call by an unknown source; All you need to do is send one SMS command and 2 seconds later you will be able to listen or even take part in the conversation.

    Listening Mode (listen to conversations made NEAR the SpyPhone)

    Listening mode activates the spy-phone in a microphone mode. When in this mode the (-the) SpyPhone is exactly the same as it is, when in any ordinary conversation. In listening mode, the microphone picks-up all the noises up to 5 meters from the Spy-phone (this means you will be able to hear everything going-on around the phone).
    Note: There will be no documentation of your activities on the spy phone's incoming SMS or call list.

    Example: The SpyPhone holder (object) is in a "meeting" 200 miles away and the spy-phone is turned off. All you need to do is send one SMS command and 2 seconds later you will be able to hear everything that happens in the "meeting".

    The listening mode will get interrupted right away:
  • If the spy-phone receives a call.
  • If any key is pressed on the spyphone's keypad.

    SMS Interception Mode

    The Interception mode enables you to read every SMS that the spy phone user sends or receives.
    Every SMS that is being sent or received by the spy phone is automatically copied to your extension (you Master Phone).

    Example: The Spy Phone holder (object) receives or makes text messages by an unknown source; All the messages will appear on the Master Phone immediately and will be logged into memory, ready for future use.

    Sending or receiving an SMS on behalf of the Spy-Phone

    In some case you may need to confuse or "trap" the spy-phone holder. Our digital surveillance technology allows you to send Text messages (SMS) on behalf of the Object.
    You can send an SMS from your phone (the Master Phone), which will appear as a message sent by the spy-phone (bogus SMS). The SMS will contain the spyphone's details (name &number;) and the content you choose. This feature assures you will always be one step ahead of your Object.

    Example: The Spy Phone holder is in the room with you and receives various SMS from an unknown source. All you need to do is send one SMS on behalf of the Object and get all the information you need - first hand.

    Another thing you can do is block incoming SMS messages from the spy-phone. You can send a code which automatically forwards each SMS sent to the spy-phone, to your phone (the Master Phone). Then, you can decide to block those SMS messages from ever being received by the spy-phone.

    GPS Tracking - Getting location information

    You can use the spy cellphone as a GPS tracking device. Since the spy cellphone is a mobile phone, its user is bound to carry it wherever he or she goes. You can send an SMS code to the phone, asking it to send its GPS tracking location to your phone. Furthermore, you can use the R.A.T's spy ware to indicate, whenever the Object enters a pre-specified location. Every time the user enters this location, our spy-ware will generate an alerting message, which will be sent to the Master-Phone.

    The GPS tracking SMS appears in the following format:
    Phone ID: R.A.T 1034
    LAI: 425-01 LAC: 2C24 CI: 512D
  • LAI (Location Area Information) – country code and operator code.
  • LAC (Location Area Code) and CI (Cell ID) are indications of the R.A.T’s actual geographic position.

    Example: You can set the SpyPhone to alert (via SMS to the Master) when the cell phone spy device enters specified GPS zones, if your Object makes a "move" you will be the first to know about it!.

    Notifications about Phone Activity

    You can set the spy-phone, to send you notifications whenever a certain action is performed. Here are several such notifications you can receive:
  • Phone turned on / off.
  • SIM card replaced.
  • Phone number replaced.
  • International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) changed.
    (Spy-features remain active in all the cases mentioned above)

    The SMS appears in the following format:
    Phone ID: R.A.T 1034
    Old IMSI: 425020102010201
    New IMSI: 425010501256159
    LAI: 425-01 LAC: 2C24 CI: 512D

    Example: If the Object will decide to replace a SIM or a phone number, for any reason, the Master-Phone will automatically adjust to the new settings, without interrupting any ongoing spy-features. This feature preserves your capability to use the R.A.T phone's digital surveillance features, even if its identifying features were changed or tampered with.

    "Play Dead", R.A.T!

    Your unlimited control of the Spy cellphone allows you to simply turn it off at any given time, or continue controlling it even if the Phone-holder turns it off. This function will not stop any of the phone monitoring and spying features, so you can still listen in on everything happening, track the device and receive any ingoing SMS or calls.

    Example: Using "Play Dead" mode, you can create situations in which only you really know what's going on. In some situations, all of us choose to turn our cell-phones off. If your Object chooses to do so, he may feel safer, but you will still be able to continue all surveillance activities, with your Objects "guard down".

    Programming the Spy-Phone from the secret menu or remotely

    The spy-software enables all R.A.T phone's functions to be programmed, reprogrammed, activated or deactivated at any time either through a quick and simple procedure requiring a simple SMS from any phone in your possession.

    Example: You will always be able to reset all of the phone monitoring and spying functions regardless to SIM changes, international travel, phone number changes, phone switch on/ off or any registry changes made by the phone-carrier.


    Perhaps the most unique feature about this phone is the fact, that the actual "spy-software" is embedded deep within its hardware, unlike all existing Spy-software, which can be detected and removed. SpyTech's surveillance technology is in fact advanced spy-hardware, undetectable and unchangeable.

    Example: Simple Nokia spy phones (Symbian operating system) and other stand alone cell phone spy-software are based on unstable operating systems, any system restart can cause removal of any spy-software. Our technology is embedded within the initial core memory of the device; so even if the Object will try, he will never be able to reveal the SpyPhone's true nature.

    How is it Achieved?

    90% of 3 rd generation mobile phones are operated by Symbian Operating System (OS). Though it is quite a good and reliable OS, it sometimes fails and needs to be reinstalled, restarted, rebooted or updated. Every such procedure may cause a partial or complete deletion of all of the information stored on the phone. Every such procedure can bring to the lose of the entire software and personal configuration installed on that cell phone spy gear.

    R.A.T's spy ware is not a part of the Symbian OS, doesn't depend on its operation, and isn't affected by the OS deletion. The spy ware is an integral part of the phone's chip, and it cannot be deleted or tempered with by anyone, after the phone has left the factory. This makes R.A.T phone more stable, secretive and most important, reliant then other Symbian OS dependant spy phones.

    An ordinary OS definition, can be accessed, viewed, reprogrammed or deleted by a technician. A direct derivative of the R.A.T spy ware being a part of the chip and not of the OS, is that unless you KNOW it's there, you can't TELL it's there. This fact guarantees that even if the R.A.T user takes his or her phone to the shop for repair, the shop's technician will not find out the phone is a spying device.

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  • The Spy CellPhone is a perfect gift for someone you care for (or worry about...) and will ultimately help you regain control and put your mind at ease.

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