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From before Pearl Harbor through 1945, every trans-Atlantic phone call, cable and letter was intercepted in Bermuda by the Coordinator of Information in the White House and later on by the Office of Strategic Services. The U.S administration tapped the undersea cables and shipped all post to Europe through Bermuda, where every single call was monitored as well as every cable was printed out and every letter was opened. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill realized the importance of intelligence gathering and so they took every step they could in order to succeed in their mission.

Winston Churchil

The CEO of International Telephone & Telegraph (ITT) spoke with the notorious dictator Adolf Hitler on the phone from New York during every week of World War II. According to the book "The Sovereign State of ITT", every call was placed from New York to South America, and then used a cable from South America to Berlin. Key companies that maintained the German telephone network were ITT subsidiaries at that time, and communications were obviously a part of strategic significance for Germany and therefore forced Hitler to speak with the CEO every week. ITT never stopped running the German phones during the war and were clearly allowed to continue doing so in order to perform this sort of intelligence gathering.

Spy gadgets come in many sizes and forms, but most of them need to be physically placed on the subject. R.A.T spy phone is an advanced surveillance equipment that is bound to always be on the subject since it is first and foremost, a cellular phone. The phone is the ideal solution for immediate intelligence gathering, enabling you to perform GPS tracking, intercept incoming and outgoing calls, perform cell phone monitoring, block SMS and more.
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The Spy Phone is a perfect gift for someone you care for (or worry about...) and the surveillance equipment that will ultimately help you regain control and put your mind at ease.

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